About me

I’m Milda Tarcijonaitė, a journalist with over ten years of experience. Currently, I’m applying my skills to business communication.

I completed the “Coaching Essentials” program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), under the guidance of Leda Turai and Rimas Petrauskas from “L-CON Global.”

I strongly believe that understanding ourselves is key to building successful relationships, achieving work-related goals, and realizing personal ambitions. In my view, coaching is a valuable tool for examining issues, understanding why change is challenging, and identifying how we can modify our behaviour. Most importantly, coaching reinforces the idea that we all have the ability to control our destinies and lead the lives we desire—all it takes is self-awareness and decisive action.

If you want to know how coaching could help you, reach out to schedule a call.

Milda Tarcijonaitė